Saturday, 21 February 2015

Views Well Earned

A beautiful day for a trail run up Vedder mountain...

...from the Cultus lake side...

... on to the beautiful views on the western side,
looking north towards the Fraser River
and Harrison Lake in the far distance...
...The moss covered rocks were beautiful,
and the sudden drop-off edge
to the valley floor rather dizzying,
but it was the highlight of our 4 hour trek...



  1. Gorgeous views! Looks like a wonderful hike and one I would have enjoyed when I was younger. Now I'll just enjoy your photos!

  2. An awesome view and adventure!...:)JP

  3. The walk does not look easy,but the views are priceless.

  4. That is so beautiful! I remember driving up a mountain there one time with my sister but not sure if it was Vedder. We took pictures of the view which looks similar to the 3rd one. There was foxglove in bloom at the top. I was talking with her last night and she mentioned how beautiful it is there but no snow on the mountains. Enjoy!

  5. That view is breath-taking!


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